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Graphic identity

From 2 September 2014, the University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour has a new logo and a new graphic identity. 

The new logo

UPPA’s new logo symbolises openness, exchange and modernity.
The colours of the new logo evoke our geographic environment, between sea and mountains.

  • The blue of the ocean represents our campuses in Bayonne and Anglet.
  • Green, the colour of the environment, represents the lawns of our campus in Pau, the Landes forest of the Mont-de-Marsan campus and the Pyrenees of the Tarbes campus.

The “pixel” shapes illustrate the different skills that combine to create a forward-looking organisation. They also symbolise the interconnection with our region, modernity and new technologies.

The letters U and N of the word “university” form the mathematical symbols “union” and “intersection” to form the links of a chain.

Through its multidisciplinarity and international exchanges, UPPA is an organisation with a wealth of skills and one that is open to the world.

Launching the new graphic identity

To keep the university’s communication strategy in line with the new graphic image, the UPPA Communication Directorate defined a style guide and made templates of customisable communication tools available for staff to download on the website (intranet) : reports, letterheads, slide presentations, notices, programmes, invitations, files, documents and faxes.

UPPA’s partners can download a communication kit which includes the university’s new graphic style and logo.