Preferred E2S academic partnerships

Preferred academic partnerships

The University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour has initiated an ambitious internationalisation strategy in order to increase the visibility and impact of our research and academic strengths, competences and assets.

UPPA wishes to enhance the international mobility of its students and young researchers as well as to foster links with international partner laboratories and universities.

This international dimension and openness will provide considerable added value to the programmes taught at the university, to the young researchers carreers, but also to the University and its laboratories.

Priorities will be given to collaborations between E2S UPPA and the universities targeted in the international road map of the consortium (cf list hereafter).

Targeted universities:

Target Universities (alphabetical order)
Universities with high priority
Universidad de SevillaSp
Universidade Federal do Rio de
University of California,
Other universities
Florida State
Imperial College
MIT Energy
Sâo Paulo
Universidad de
Universidad del Pais
Universidad Nacional de
Universidade Estadual de
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mé
Università di
University of
University of
University of