Hall of the Arts building (Pau campus) - Photo credit: Atlantic drones
Hall of the Arts building (Pau campus) - Photo credit: Atlantic drones

Progressive and supported specialisation of student curriculaSPACE

In April 2018, UPPA was awarded the label Investissement d'avenir, NCU, Nouveau cursus à l'université, thanks to its SPACE project, Spécialisation progressive et accompagnée des cursus étudiants.

This project is mainly based on three major actions :

  • reception, orientation and individualised support for students, particularly for those entering the first year of a degree course:
    • an entry questionnaire,
    • an individual interview,
    • an intermediate support assessment,
    • an educational contract,
    • support measures: certific'actions, tutoring, etc.
  • a degree course that integrates a progressive specialisation of the teaching oriented towards the student's project and that facilitates the setting up of bridges between courses (BUT, licence pro, licence) and between statuses (initial training, continuing education, apprenticeship...),
  • evolution and optimisation of teaching practices and tools.


  • Frédéric Tesson (frederic.tesson @ univ-pau.fr), scientific and technical manager,
  • Patrice Cassagnard (patrice.cassagnard @ univ-pau.fr), in charge of the Model/CAP component,
  • Eve Péré (eve.pere @ univ-pau.fr), in charge of the AOA section,
  • Fabrice Floch (fabrice.floch @ univ-pau.fr), SPACE project manager

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