The I-SITE E2S project is managed as an internal funding agency for research, teaching, partnerships and internationalization projects. It relies on three committees and is headed by an Executive Director, Gilles Pijaudier-Cabot.

The External Scientific Committee

The External Scientific Committee is an independent evaluation body that reviews the strategic orientations, the roadmap and the implementation plans.

It organizes audits to assess the quality of the work done and submits an annual evaluation report to the Executive Committee.

It is composed of 5 internationally recognized experts appointed for four years:

  •     Robert Armstrong, Director of the MIT Energy Initiative
  •     Yves Bamberger, member of the French Academy of Technologies, former EDF R&D director
  •     Steven Beissinger, University of California at Berkeley (Conservation Biology)
  •     Omar Ghattas, University of Texas at Austin (Computational Geosciences)
  •     Executive Director of the French Heritage Foundation and former Vice President of Veolia Water Japan

The External Scientific Committee

The Board of Trustees

The Executive Committee or Board of Trustees is the decision-making body responsible for defining the overall strategy of E2S, proposing the roadmap for its implementation, deploying forces, allocating funds and monitoring the results of E2S actions.

It guarantees the coherence of the project and of the association with the socio-economic partners and the local authorities.

It includes 12 members appointed for four years or permanent guests:

  • 4 representatives of the consortium (President of UPPA, representatives of INRAe, INRIA and CNRS)
  • 4 representatives of partner companies or institutions (TotalEnergies, Arkema, BRGM, CEA)
  • 2 representatives of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region (the vice-president in charge of higher education and research and the regional delegate for research and industry)
  • the Executive Director of E2S
  • the president of the UPPA business club (CEPyA)

The Management Board

The Operational Committee or Management Board is in charge of the implementation of the I-SITE project.

Composed of 20 people, it manages, coordinates and supervises the administrative and financial aspects of all decision-making, organizational and management processes, such as calls for projects.

It includes:

  • administrative staff members in charge of financial management control and process management
  • 5 scientific officers (Environment and Materials, Social Sciences and Humanities, Environment and Biology, Energy and Geosciences, Mathematics and Geosciences)
  • Project managers in various fields (Training, Human Resources, Internationalization, Partnerships, Research, Entrepreneurship, etc.)
  • The Executive Director of E2S, who chairs the Operational Committee