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The Talents’ Academy Scholarship

The Talents’ Academy aims at attracting the most promising Bachelor 3, Master 1 and Master 2 students in the E2S UPPA fields, by granting them a stipend that will allow them to focus on their studies.

This annual scholarship of 6,000 to 8,000 euros is awarded on the basis of merit alone.

The Talents’ Academy contributes to increasing the number of PhD students at UPPA – an important objective of the E2S UPPA project – since nearly one third of the former Master 2 students laureats are now preparing a PhD at UPPA.

The call for applications takes place in April, for a response to the candidates in July.

For the first time this year, discover in a beautiful booklet with the E2S colors the resumes of the winners, as well as the corresponding courses, both in French and in English:

 Download the Talents’ Academy booklet PDF (1.8 MB)


The University has embarked on a process of encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship among its students and staff (researchers, teacher-researchers or administrative staff), in all disciplines.

Within the framework of the E2S UPPA program, and in partnership with Pépite ECA (Entrepreneuriat Campus Aquitaine), a community of young entrepreneurs in higher education in France, a comprehensive approach has been put in place, ranging from raising awareness to entrepreneurship to the creation of a company, through a range of actions.


The goals are to encourage the emergence of an idea, to allow future entrepreneurs to develop it further and to provide them with the necessary tools to make it a reality, thanks to targeted collaborations.

Thus, E2S UPPA diversifies its actions in terms of entrepreneurship in order to reinforce the links between the university sphere and professional insertion:

  • Raising awareness of entrepreneurship among all UPPA students (presentation of measures, setting up of dedicated free teaching units and events open to all)
  • Specific support for students and recent graduates with a project, thanks to a tailored follow-up led by professionals from the business world (workshops, afterworks, entrepreneurial seminars and redesign of a specific university diploma).

Key figures for 2019

  • Entrepreneurship awareness courses: 400 students, all disciplines combined, on the Pau and Basque Coast campuses
  • Jeud'Innov - Escape Game to raise awareness of entrepreneurship: 70 participants, on the Pau and Anglet campuses
  • Entrepreneurial project support: 37 projects supported, i.e. 44 students and recent graduates benefiting from a personalized follow-up
  • Thematic/afterwork workshops organized for students with the national status of student
    entrepreneur (SNEE), from January to December 2019: 10
  • Structures created by student entrepreneurs: 6

To find out more, visit the UPPA website dedicated to entrepreneurship