Target Foreign Universities

Five Foreign Universities Chosen as Privileged Partners of E2S UPPA

Over the past three years, the list of E2S strategic partners has been refined to include 5 target universities considered as privileged partners.

This list has been developed by the E2S Executive Committee on the basis of existing partnerships, but also on the basis of criteria of excellence such as their Shanghai academic ranking, their expertise in the E2S fields, and their geographical area.

Building on the strength of its cross-border experience, which remains a top priority, UPPA wishes to apply the cooperation models already tested with its Spanish partners to strengthen strategic partnerships around the world.

Northwestern University (Illinois, USA)

Our Laboratory of Complex Fluids and their Reservoirs has initiated from 2019 the thematic hub New Pores (New Frontiers in Porous Materials) with Northwestern University. This hub focuses on the interactions between fluids and solids in porous materials.

In addition to joint seminars and conferences, the cooperation includes numerous exchanges of doctoral and post-doctoral students.

Sichuan University (China)

Our joint research unit IPREM has seized the opportunity to become more involved in its exchanges with the prestigious Sichuan University in China, carrying on a long-standing cooperation on the subject of polymers.

The work of the biomimetic cluster IPREM Ocean has attracted the attention of its partners, which could lead to the creation of a joint laboratory on the theme of bio-sourced materials.

Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)

Cooperation with the University of Seville is based on two scientific fields: Law and Computer Science.

Supported by the IE2IA for Law and by the LIUPPA for Computer Science, this partnership aims at perpetuating existing exchanges in the field of education, and even at creating new joint courses, but also at developing research cooperation through co-supervision of theses, seminars and scientific conferences.

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

The Laboratory of Complex Fluids and Reservoirs also works to develop the partnership with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Exchanges are focused on georesources and fluid studies. A joint research project should soon lead to the co-supervision of several theses.

University of California, Berkeley (USA)

The joint research unit ECOBIOP (UPPA/INRAe) is leading the project of an international laboratory associated with the Freshwater research group of UC Berkeley.

Named MACLIFE for MAnagement and CLlimate Impacts on Freshwater Ecosystems, this international laboratory aims to study the response of aquatic ecosystems and living biota to climate change and extreme climate events.

The University of the Basque Country (Spain) is also associated with the laboratory.