Administrative organization

Administrative organization

To improve efficiency and meet to our strategic objectives, the administrative services of the UPPA were restructured in January 2019 into “Pôles” or Clusters under the umbrella of the General and Common Services (SGC).
A Cluster is not a structure in itself: the services within each Cluster retain their existence and legal entity. Rather, a Cluster is a representation of a management or perimeter of thematic activity with regard to the institution's missions, according to the typology of support functions. Each Cluster has a Leader who coordinates the services within the Cluster, as they collaborate on common projects or topics and work collegially to attain shared objectives.

There are 7 Clusters:

The Finance Cluster
Directorate of Finances, Purchasing Directorate, Accounting Office

The Logistics and Property Management Cluster
Property Management Directorate, Logistics Directorate

The Human Resources and Relations Cluster
Human Resources Directorate, Medical, Psychological, Social and Preventative Medicine Service

The General Management Cluster
President’s Cabinet, Communications Directorate, Directorate of Legal Affairs, Directorate of Operations, Self-Assessment and Ongoing Improvement, Security, Rescue and Safety Directorate

The Digital Resources Cluster
Digital Directorate, local digital Joint Service Centers

The Research, International Outreach, Innovation and Partnerships Cluster
Research and Valorization Directorate, International Relations Directorate, Common Documentation Service, Liaison Bureau, University Press of the University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour

The Academics and Student Life Cluster
Directorate of Studies and Student Life, International Relations Directorate, Common Documentation Service, Continuing Education Service, Center for Apprenticeship Training, Language Resource Center, Common University Service for Information, Orientation, and Professional Integration, University Physical Activities and Sports Service, “Student’s Home” Cultural and Artistic Service, University Training Service, University Preventative Medicine and Health Promotion Service