Board of Directors

Board of Directors (BoD)

The Board of Directors (BD) is composed of 34 members elected for 4 years:

  • 16 representatives of the teachers-researchers and assimilated,
  • 4 representatives of the students and of the persons benefiting from continuing education,
  • 6 representatives of engineering, administrative, technical and library staff,
  • 8 people from outside the institution.

The Board of Governors determines more specifically the policy of the institution. In this respect :

  • it approves the university's establishment contract,
  • it votes the budget and approves the accounts,
  • it approves agreements, conventions and, subject to the specific conditions laid down by decree, loans, the acquisition of holdings, the creation of subsidiaries and foundations, the acceptance of donations and legacies, and the acquisition and disposal of real estate,
  • it adopts the university's internal regulations,
  • it shall determine, on the proposal of the President and in accordance with national priorities, the distribution of jobs allocated to it by the competent ministers,
  • it authorises the president to take legal action,
  • it adopts the rules relating to examinations,
  • it approves the annual activity report, which includes a balance sheet and a project presented by the president.