Committee on Ethics, Deontology and Scientific Integrity

Committee on Ethics, Deontology and Scientific Integrity

The Ethics Committee of the Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour (UPPA) works in the field of ethics in the broad sense of the term, in application of the principles set out in the Charter of ethics, deontology and scientific integrity adopted by the UPPA.

The Ethics Committee advises on communication aimed at developing a culture of ethics. It proposes the means of dissemination (awareness and information campaigns, debates, press releases, reports, etc.) within the UPPA academic community.

This culture is anchored on an ethics which compares the evolution of sciences with the founding values of our society, on deontology which refers to the imposed rules of the profession and on scientific integrity which defines the rules governing the practice of research and higher education.

The Ethics Committee acts independently of the university authorities - presidency and board of directors - and its members are bound by the confidentiality of cases of misconduct brought to its attention. It ensures the protection of whistleblowers (witnesses or victims), as well as the respect of the presumption of innocence throughout the possible investigation of cases.

Any member of the UPPA community has a duty to report any behaviour  that he or she witnesses and that seems to him or her to be contrary to the principles of honesty, integrity and responsibility in training, research and innovation activities.